Monday, January 25, 2010

This time it's brought to you by MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami

Here's the simple rules...
1. Be a follower of MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami
2. Add both blogs to your blogroll list MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami
3. Blog about this contest with the title
"MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami : Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest"
4. Choose a pic of your baby (0-3yrs) with the above theme ... with blanket la ... hehehe. Don't forget to add Baby Name, Age at picture and Current age and tell us a bit about your baby.
NEW NOTE : Contest Picture should not more than 1 year ago.. ok?

my baby..

nur aisyah humaira
7mths (now 1yr 2mths)

my aisyah is a good baby girl..masa baru lahir dulu tak banyak masalah..nangis bila lapar je, tido bila dia nk tido.. senang nk jaga.. now dah 1year.. makin byk gelagat tp menyenangkan and very menghiburkan kami sekeluarga..


  1. mamaaerish : said...
    cutenyer... gd luck yer... :)
    lin said...

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